Pemi Shore Cottages

Pemigewasset River Fishing

Pemigewasset River fishing in New Hampshire is excellent with an abundance of various fish species, including rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and landlocked salmon, which is stocked yearly by the New Hampshire Fish and game Department. The river, known for its clear waters and abundant fish population, attracts anglers of all skill levels. The best time for  fishing on the Pemi is generally between late Spring all the way through the Fall season. As long as the weather is acceptable, just about any day can be a good fishing day in NH. Anglers often find success using fly-fishing techniques, casting into riffles, pools, and runs where fish gather.

Being mostly undeveloped, the Pemigewasset River has a scarcity of tourists. That means less boat traffic and minimal competition with other anglers while fishing. It is not uncommon to spend a day fishing on the river and hardly see another person enjoying the same hobby. This is especially true in certain places like between the Franklin Falls Dam and the Eastman Falls Dam in Franklin, a mostly private stretch of water where the Pemigewasset River fishing is pristine and mostly untouched.

While there is only one officially designated public boat launch in Bristol, many fishermen access the river at different bridge crossings and unofficial boat launches. There are also campgrounds and rental cottages along the Pemi with their own private boat launches.

Throughout the year, the Pemigewasset River offers not only exceptional fishing but also a chance to connect with nature and unwind in the peaceful surroundings of New Hampshire’s wilderness. Whether casting a line for trout in the spring or pursuing bass in the summer, anglers are sure to find both enjoyment and adventure on this scenic river.

Practice Safe Fishing: Be extra cautious when handling fish hooks and wear a life jacket when fishing from a boat or when fishing near deep water.

Be Courteous: Please don’t litter when fishing, give any nearby anglers plenty of room to fish and respect the boundaries of private property owners.

Respect the Outdoors: Observe but do not disturb the local wildlife, keep only the fish you plan to use and release any others.

Obey Fishing Laws: Obtain a fishing license and know the species of different NH fish, as well as the number and size of the fish you’re allowed to keep during the fishing season.

All pictures for this Pemigewasset River Fishing article were taken at Pemi Shore Cottages by our guests.