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Pemigewasset River Hunting

The Pemigewasset River, flowing through the heart of New Hampshire, offers diverse hunting opportunities that attract outdoor enthusiasts. The river’s surroundings, rich in forests and wetlands, provide a habitat for a variety of game species. Pemigewasset River hunters in this region commonly pursue white-tailed deer, black bear, and wild turkey, along with smaller game like rabbits and waterfowl. The area’s public lands, including state forests and wildlife management areas, offer accessible hunting grounds.

The river’s landscape is characterized by rugged terrain and dense woodlands, making it ideal for traditional hunting methods such as stalking and still hunting. The rich biodiversity along the Pemigewasset River supports a healthy population of game animals, benefiting from the mix of forest cover and open spaces which provide ample food sources and shelter.

Hunting on the Pemigewasset River is regulated by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, which ensures sustainable practices through hunting seasons, bag limits, and licensing requirements. These regulations are designed to maintain wildlife populations at healthy levels while providing recreational opportunities for hunters. Successful completion of a Hunter Education course is required for NH hunters age 16+ for their first hunting license. You can get additional permits for turkey, bear, and other special game as well.

Be sure to check out the Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club, conveniently located in the beautiful town of Holderness, midway between New Hampshire’s Lakes and White Mountain Regions.  The Club grounds encompass over 330 acres of rolling hills and meadows, hardwood forests, mountain ridges, and hemlock-shaded wetlands for hunting and other outdoor activities.

Overall, the Pemigewasset River area is a prized hunting destination in New Hampshire, offering both challenge and reward in a picturesque natural setting.


NH Hunting Safety Rules

Treat every firearm as if it were a loaded firearm.
Always control the direction of your firearm’s muzzle.
Be sure of your target and what may be beyond it.
Be certain the barrel and action are clear of any obstructions.
Unload any firearms when not in use.
Never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.
Never climb a fence or tree, or jump a ditch or log, with a loaded firearm.
Never shoot a firearm at a flat, hard surface or even water.
Always store firearms and ammunition separately.
Avoid alcoholic beverages or mind-altering drugs before or during shooting.

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